Wharton Archive: Regency Townhouse, Regent's Park, London / by Lucinda Wharton

.....I have been very happily spending long summer days in the studio
— Lucinda Wharton

Regency Townhouse, Regent's Park, London. Home to a very early Wharton!

Having just finalised plans for my London home, I am now faced with the monumental task of seeking interior design inspiration and above all, making final decisions! The Parson's Green Villa will provide a wonderful source of interior inspiration, allowing clients the ability to view work in the artist's London home.

Once the building work in London is finally completed, I look forward to sharing with you the restoration of my Grade 1 listed Georgian Mansion in the country.

Aside from property plans, recent travels and buying a further investment property (to add to my London property portfolio) I have been very happily spending long summer days in the studio. Two very exciting new commissions on a grand scale to be completed over the coming months along with several new works.

The blog is soon to be a visual feast of inspiration. This will include interiors and general lifestyle all of which inspired directly from my experiences of living and working as an Artist in both London and the Country. In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram which is dedicated to my unique studio setting in the country.

LUMINESCENCE 48'x48" Oil On Mixed Media 2000

I thought I might share with you one of my paintings from 'selected archive' which is situated in a stunning Regency Townhouse in Regent's Park, London. I have been most fortunate to have my work hung in some of the world's most exclusive private residency's (and continue to do so) but this was among one of the very first, back in 2000.

LUMINESCENCE 48"X48" 2000 Oil on Mixed Media LUCINDA WHARTON

Entrance Hallway - Regency Townhouse, Regent's Park

Regency Villa, Regent's Park, London

The neutral tones and classic feel of the Regency townhouse are timeless and provide a perfect setting for my work at this time. A far cry from the paint splattered studio by the train tracks in Battersea! I remember dreaming that one day, I might have endless space in which to paint and through hard work, determination, (and taking a risk or two!) some years later, I had my very own Georgian home and incredible studio space...but more on that later!

All Interior Images by Helen Green Designs Ltd London.